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Alicia & Kevin

Alicia grew up around all kinds of animals and had a childhood fascination with dog breeds and training. As a client-turned trainer, she officially joined in August of 2021. Her goal is to help families bring the best out in their dog while making training fun! Got Sit’s ethos is centered around bringing your dog into the life you have which translates to training as you live and unlocking a new level of relationship when you start to really understand your dog. Ultimately, what led Alicia to dog training was adopting Kevin. In her words, “Kevin was a trial by fire experience and wore a muzzle for the first ten months that had him. Got Sit taught me to understand the causes of his reactive behavior. The experience made me realize any dog can thrive if given the right tools. It’s really easy to get stuck in focusing on what you want your dog to stop doing. I love reminding people to show their dog what they want from them, and then watching that clarity clear frustration away on both ends of the leash. I also love to continuously learn and find that each dog has a lesson for me, too! I became a dog trainer to help other people who are at their wits end with their dog learn to unravel the best parts of their best friend! Kevin is a rescue pup from Texas. I call him my mystery mix. I’ve never done his DNA, but he is a one man band with his vocalizations. Maybe there’s shepherd/husky in there? Who knows- but there’s definitely a whole-lotta personality! He loves to greet people and show off his skills, and he loves to come with me to lessons and show dogs how to be calm around other dogs. We look forward to seeing you in lessons and at group class! You may even catch us participating in some group classes…We both like it, and it’s a great way to work his brain, practice our skills, and make him nice and sleepy. If you see us around, come say hi!”

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