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Hunter & Lokai


Hunter joined Got Sit in the summer of 2018 as he wanted to help people create a better relationship with their dogs and help people be the best dog owners they could possibly be - joining the family business was and added bonus. His favorite part about training is seeing the progression lesson by lesson and being able to help better people’s understanding of their animal. Hunter’s dog is a Coltriever (Border Collie/Golden Retriever) named Lokai, who he describes saying, “She is a ball of energy and loves learning new tricks as she’s a pure athlete. She’s the best friend a man could ask for!”




A+ program. Our rescue pup (Bart) from Texas didn't know how to be a good dog when we got him. He would nip like crazy couldn't take him on walks without extreme reactivity and lots and lots of pulling. We almost returned him as he didn't seem safe for our children, but thought we woud give Got Sit a try. We are a year out since we started and finished our group trainings. Bart is well adjusted. He goes for walks, hikes, skiing, runs on-leash and off-leash (where safe) and we always feel under control. He no longer nips and loves to find places to 'place' on. He will even place himself on stumps in the forest he finds interesting!


from Stephanie Hope
Chelsea and AJ are great! We have learned a bunch and now have routines to help us focus our dog. Scout now has place, heel and is building confidence daily. Thank you!


from Kim Heuss
I really enjoy the group classes. The program has really changed the way we live now for the better. Teddy is happier since he now knows clearly what he is supposed to be doing. Great job Got Sit!


from Eliu & Lisa Lopez
I liked the confident, personable, knowledgeable staff along with knowing the psychology behind the training.

Sweet Ayden

from William and Jesse Nelson
I liked the confident, personable, knowledgeable staff along with knowing the psychology behind the training.

The Ruger

from William and Jesse Nelson
Got Sit is great! They helped us learn how to communicate and teach Zeus skills and manners and basically what is expected from him. Extremely helpful considering we have a very young daughter at home. These guys are great!

King Zeus

from Alec and Dresden
The trainers at got sit are great. They helped our family teach Roshi manners. When we started training Roshi would jump on everyone to greet them. He has now learned to go to his place, wait and then say hello.

Roshi, Roshi, Roshi

from Sam and Judi
Corey and Anthony of Got Sit basically transformed me and my ineffective training style, to a being consistent, clear communicator for my dogs. Although it was Penny Pie that we worked with, Got Sit has trained me to be a good pack leader for both my dogs, and other dogs we encounter. Penny Pie was a fearful and very aggressive barking and lunging little dog. I live in a condo, so walk her 5-6 times a day. She was so unmanageable, that I began to dread the walks that I had truly loved with my first dog. <br> I went to 3 different trainers, and spent hours at difficult dog training seminars. I was not getting results. Got Sit had us walking calmly around other dogs the very first visit. The vibrating collar is an effective training tool, not a punishment. It's an efficient communication instrument to help your dogs ability to focus. It was such a wonderful experience to watch Penny become the clever, happy pup she is now! I totally recommend Got Sit!

Sweet Penny Pie

from Lori Bieberstein
We love Got Sit because it allows us to communicate with Jake in a way that allows us to be successful. Got Sit has given us confidence that in every situation Jake will be attentive and listen to us no matter what happens. Jake loves got sit class because he gets to see his doggy friends and play with his favorite toy. We love that the program has allowed us to enjoy our time with Jake more and been able to take him places that we wouldn't have been able to before because we know that we are in control.

Jake the Great!

from Lee and Danae
Skye seems to really enjoy training. She is smart and funny and loves other dogs. Her training is making owning such a lively, strong and growing dog a challenge but one we know we can make with the help of Got Sit trainers.

Fabulous Sky

from Mike and Sandy Young
We started puppy classes when Bella was 12 weeks old, we had done multiple classes with multiple trainers but nothing seemed to stick. Ultimately, Bella learned basic commands and she was great at obeying them- when she wanted to. Got Sit has provided me with the tools I need to work with my dog and get consistent results. She consistently sits, places, heels and lays down without a power struggle. <br> The private classes were great but the weekly follow up classes are invaluable, I learn something significant every time we go. Bella and I are far from done and I'm looking forward to being able to take her more places and further cementing our relationship. <br> Got Sit, Hillary and Marvin are wonderful!

Beautiful Bella

from Laura Needham
We can not say enough good things about Got Sit and their trainers. Katie loves to run and play and chase her ball, but when we call her she comes. When we ask her to sit, she sits. Another great benefit is not to be pulled down the street by a large dog. She walks next to me and is very well mannered when we take her to public places. <br> Lots of praise and periodic play is encouraged during training sessions which keeps Katie happy and willing to learn. I do not think we would have been able to achieve this level of performance and still have a happy dog without Got Sit.

The Amazing Katie

from Lee and Barb Sundgren
We have a common language. Dusty understands what I am asking, even if he doesn't want to do it. We love the consistency in the training, and the commitment of the trainers to help us create the best relationship possible! We aren't pawfect, but we are getting better every day!

Mr. Dusty

from Hillary Sjolund
Although Cookie had been living with other dogs and kids, she now has issues meeting other dogs, and can nip at strangers and rambunctious kids! She had a very strong personality and is stubborn. Got Sit is making her pay attention and learn the rules and limitations of living with a family. She looks to us as her leaders and hopefully with time will improve with meeting and playing with other dogs.

Sweet Little Cookie

from Suzy Wilde
The Got Sit dog trainers are excellent! Got Sit has helped us understand our dog and his needs much more. The training is relatively simple but very successful!

Toby-Wan Kenobi

from Lucas and Jessica
We love Got Sit because Macy actually listens now. We always knew she was a super smart dog, but from day one of training she has surprised us day after day with how much such knows and how much she really does want to please us. She just needs a little help with distractions and that is exactly what this training has helped with.

Miss Macy

from Alli and Max Staples
Kona is a very smart dog! We potty trained her in about 3 weeks, and learned some basic commands very quickly. However, she had very selective listening. When she was outside and on the trail of a good scent, playing in the leaves or aimlessly wandering, she decided on her time when she wanted to listen and come back when we called her. <br> We love Got Sit Dog Training because it has helped in allowing my husband and I to have more authority when we need it, and Kona will answer more quickly. It has turned her selective listening into immediate listening :)

Superstar Kona

from Stephanie & Mathew Whitford
Sebastian was a blank slate with tons of potential. With the help of Got Sit he is realizing his potential now. We're off to a great start and he is just going to get better and better! Thank you Got Sit!

Sebastian the Incredible

from Jennifer Benner and Ben Tibbals
There are many reasons we love Got Sit Dog Training. The individual training sessions at home have been awesome and the people we work with at Got Sit are super helpful and available to call with questions or anything! Just awesome!


from Kim and PJ Thayer
Deuce was a very protective dog and would not let others in our house. She would continuously bark at anyone coming in our house or to our door. We were afraid that she might hurt someone. She was also very aggressive when on a leash and had problems with some other dogs when we visited the dog park. With the assistance from Got Sit we were able to get her attention and turn her behavior around. We all love Got Sit training because we now have a system which works and we are much happier with her new behavior.

Deuce on the Loose

from Jim and Diana Campbell
With Kora being blind and us not fully knowing what she can and cannot see makes all of our lives difficult. Training, the way we knew before Got Sit, was harder. Hand gestures were out, jumping was out, walks were harder & so was potty training! When Kora started with Got Sit it was instant changes! She loves training and you can see how eager she is to learn when we put the collar on her in the mornings! Training has been a lifesaver for us, and her too, I'm sure. It's helped with anxiety and frustrations on both parts! We absolutely LOVE Got Sit & brag about it to everyone who owns a dog!

Kora the Explorer

from Dustin and Ashley Brown
We enjoyed the experience of 'Got Sit' dog training due to the excellent skills of AJ and Anthony. Both trainers gave us their own experience with the program which helped our family understand how to apply the training to fit our family's goals. My husband (Nate), daughter(Peyton) and I have been working on developing Sammie's skills. We have recommended the program to our friends.

Sweetheart Sammie

from Peyton, Nate and JoAnn Beffert
The trainers are all VERY nice and Sophie loves working with them. Their technique for training is very simple and keeps the dogs health and well being in mind. Everything that we have learned is valuable and actually works. We couldn't be happier with the results that we are seeing.

Sophie the Magnificent

from Rory Thompson and Lisa Mount
Chris has helped us grasp better communication with Bella and focus her energy. Initially she would throw so called 'fits' if she saw another dog or human she wanted to play with. After only 4 weeks with got sit training Bella is communicating well with commands and even though she still wants to play with other dogs she can now control herself. Last week was our first group training and we look forward to many more.

Beautiful Bella

from Linda H.
The training has helped both of us and the dog. We have learned so much. The trainers are all very professional and knowledgeable. The program has really changed the way we live now for the better. Romeo is happier since he now knows clearly what he is supposed to be doing. Great job Got Sit!

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?

from Ed and Cherie Riley