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Shady Lady

Shady Lady

Owner: Darlene
City: Lake sTevens
Breed: German Shepherd/Akita Mix
I Like: Going bye-bye with any of her humans, anywhere.
Favorite Toy: Anything she can play "Tug-o-War" with!
Pet-peeves: That pesky gander, Oliver, who bites my nose!
Favorite Walk: Swimming in circles in our little creek.
Best Trick: I am such a pretty girl, I like to "Pretty Up!" (Sit up, with paws up, and hold that position.) Also, I used to love to do a "Death Roll," when playing with my buddy, "Bear." I would go down on one shoulder, and nip his feet. He was taller, but I was smarter! When my humans' grandsons come over, they hold onto a toy, and I pull them in circles
My Arrival Story:

We had a huge German Shepherd named Bear. He needed a buddy, so we got a young female from a rescue organization. Bear had very good manners, and had been trained to herd sheep. He became like a daddy to Shady, teaching her all he knew about not jumping on people, and how to open a gate that opens inward, and tug-o-war with huge tree branches in the pasture, etc. He also taught Shady how to open any door lever with her nose, then push with her paw. Shady and Bear used to get into the main part of our house when we were gone, and do all types of mischief! Bear could reach anything, just by standing up. Shady had become quite the escape artist! They were an unbeatable pair! Shady used to run off, on her own adventures, and I would tell Bear, "Go get Shady!" Off he would run, and take ahold of her collar, bringing her back to me! When Bear passed away, we and Shady were very lonely, so we decided to adopt a young male to replace Bear's company. Shady now teaches Sammy manners!

Why we love Got Sit Dog Training:

We now live on an airstrip in a rural area.Our yard is huge,but Shady always loves to run as far and as fast as she can!I was always worried she would run onto the runway,and cause an airplane accident. She is quite an escape artist.No fence is quite good enough to hold her in,if she wants to get out for a romp.She can crawl under,squeeze between,jump over almost any fence!The liability is quite scary,especially because Shady looks intimidating to some,in spite of her sweet nature. Shady used to run off,and not return,until she was good and ready!It was just too much fun,to run all around the airpark! She now focuses better than I have ever seen her,and returns happily,when called the first time!She is much more attentive to our wishes, and very proud of her pretty self! We signed up both our dogs with Got Sit,and one helps the other with the training!Very cute to watch!Shady AND Sammy have markedly improved, and are happy,confident doggies!Well worth the money we spent!