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Group Leadership

Be the Leader of Your Pack

Want an Awesome Dog? Be an Awesome Leader! Ever get the feeling your dog’s ignoring you? Or, even worse, you know you’re being heard but your dog takes his own sweet time responding? Our human response is to blame the dog, wonder why they’re being obstinate and feel put out. Your Got Sit dog training […]

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You’ve Got a Friend In Me

You’ve Got That Loving Feeling. Hang onto It! Finally! You’ve found each other! After looking high and low, the magic happened. You looked into each other’s eyes and BAM! Love at first sight. Now you’re inseparable. You’ve signed the official papers. You’ve moved in together. You’re an honest-to-goodness couple. Years of happiness and shared experiences […]

Got Sit Kenneling

Kenneling Got Sit Style

Kennels are a standard piece of dog-owning equipment. Most dog owners understand using a kennel satisfies their dog’s den-dwelling instinct and their canine security needs. Unfortunately, after our initial dog-owning enthusiasm dims, kennels tend to be where we put our dogs when we don’t want to deal with them: during dinner time, when company’s over, […]

Group Session 3

Step Outside Routine – Mix it Up!

Does this sound familiar? You’re attending group classes and are committed to practicing with your dog during the week. You schedule time after work to go in your backyard and run through the skills. However, your dog knows the drill. He sits on place, waits, comes, heels… You don’t have to cajole, you don’t have […]

Meditation Marv

Got Sit Spotlight: Marvin Versteeg

It starts with a knock on the door. Outside, dressed in Converse tennis shoes, a red Got Sit t-shirt and a 100-watt smile, is Marvin Versteeg. We welcome him in, introduce him to our dogs. He proceeds with our in-home consultation while magically (it seems) getting our wayward dogs to follow directions before our very […]

Group Class

Group Class Essentials

Show Our Trainers Some Love: Help Them, Help You It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s deliciously summer. At Got Sit, this translates into larger group classes. We LOVE this. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing everyone together having fun and rocking the Got Sit training. We’re truly blessed to have such an awesome community of owners […]