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Got Sit Spotlight: Marvin Versteeg

It starts with a knock on the door. Outside, dressed in Converse tennis shoes, a red Got Sit t-shirt and a 100-watt smile, is Marvin Versteeg. We welcome him in, introduce him to our dogs. He proceeds with our in-home consultation while magically (it seems) getting our wayward dogs to follow directions before our very […]

Group Class

Group Class Essentials

Show Our Trainers Some Love: Help Them, Help You It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s deliciously summer. At Got Sit, this translates into larger group classes. We LOVE this. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing everyone together having fun and rocking the Got Sit training. We’re truly blessed to have such an awesome community of owners […]

Harley and Hanna

Do You Got Sit?

Got Sit owners and dogs stand out in a crowd. Well-behaved dogs are noteworthy, it’s true. But that’s the just tip of the iceberg. If you’ve Got Sit, you’re grooving to a different beat. Wondering if you’ve got it? See if any of the following ring true. You know you’ve Got Sit when… … you […]

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Think Outside the Leash: A Change in Perspective

By Marvin Versteeg Edited By Rebecca Hoch “Think outside the leash!” Have you ever considered what this Got Sit tag line really means? On the surface, it’s about training dogs. How else do you get leash-free? However, there’s that word “outside.” It hints at something bigger. Something beyond simple behavior modification and crowd-pleasing tricks. It […]


Graduating to Group Class: 4 Tips for a Successful Transition

Graduating to Group Classes: 4 Tips for a Successful Transition By Marvin Versteeg Edited By Rebecca Hoch   Group classes are Got Sit’s cornerstone. They firmly cement dog-owner communication protocols and expectations. It’s where the Got Sit “magic” sparks and true dog training occurs. However, when you’re new to them, group classes can be overwhelming – […]

seattle furry 5k fun run walk

Seattle Furry 5k Fun Run + Walk

Summer is just around the corner. Our pups are excited to get back outside, feel the warmth of the sun and finally let some energy out. What better way to start off the season than the Seattle Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk on June 14th at Seward Park! Admission is $25-$30 and benefits the […]