Our Raving Fans



Owner: Marvin
City: Monroe
Breed: German Shepherd
I Like: Fast paced tricks, agility, or protection work
Favorite Toy: Bite Sleeve, A Bad Guy, Kongs, Tugs and Frisbee
Pet-peeves: Lantz is tolerant of most anything. Goats though...
Favorite Walk: Centennial Trail, Green Lake, Wallace Falls
Best Trick: Lantz has a portfolio of amazing stunts and tricks, He is always eager to perform in public and show off. He has a head-up heel, reverses at a distance, can do a 180 in mid air, can place on a brick, goes potty on command, on a single command will, sit, down, leave-it, off, spin, roll over, weave, attack, spread-um, walk backwards, and guard.
My Arrival Story:

Lantz came to me from Germany at 18 months old. He was the first dog that I trained using our Got Sit method of Dog Training. He was certified as both a Service dog and Therapy Dog in three weeks from the start of our training together. He has demonstrated for Police K9 officers, agility competitors, and in dozens of shows across Washington State. Lantz has an amazing emotional balance and want very badly to please. He is a Sable colored pup and gets a lot of comments. He is seen performing in public weekly. He will demonstrate all of his talent off-leash, and around any distraction. Talk is Cheap, so Lantz likes to show you! You can see him at Bridges Pets periodically and at your local events. Watch for him on your drive to work!

Why we love Got Sit Dog Training:

This German Shepherd likes Got Sit Dog Training because it gave him the opportunity to have regular emotional stimulation as well as physical work. He is a working breed and is happiest when given more responsibility. Got Sit gives him the opportunity to do so through agility, protection work, play and demonstrations. Lantz is especially grateful for the time that Anthony Hamik puts in to working with him when Marvin is busy sharing the Got Sit Dog Training programs with new dog owners.