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Ward off the Holidays Blues Got Sit Style

Ward off the Holidays Blues Got Sit Style

‘Tis the season for shopping, baking, wrapping, partying, decorating, cooking, traveling, merry-making…

Notice anything missing from this list?

We know the holiday season is busy and stressful. Before you push your dog’s care to the bottom of your to-do list, remember that dogs are highly effective stress management resources. Maintaining your regular dog care regime, including your Got Sit group classes, can help you get through December and into the New Year with less stress and in a better frame of mind.

Your daily dog walk packs a lot of punch this time of year. Not only does it help quell your dog’s pent up energy, it also allows your body to produce mood-boosting and stress-busting endorphins. This in turn combats depression, high blood pressure, and general malaise. It will help improve your sleep, increase your energy and ward off those pesky holiday pounds. You’ll return to the holiday hubbub relaxed, invigorated and with a dog who’s happy, balanced and heels beautifully.

Attending group classes dovetails with your walking regime. Getting outside and working with your dog for an hour has all the health benefits of walking. It also offers a reprieve from houseguests, shopping and other holiday-related obligations. You have the opportunity to interact with others, laugh, and get your mind off your everyday tasks; all well documented forms of stress relief. The added bonus? Your dog’s training stays on track and firmly imprinted.

If your schedule does prohibit walking or getting to group classes, make time to pet your dog. One of our basic human needs is to touch. Stroking, hugging, and generally touching your dog satisfies this primal urge. It decreases stress-inducing cortisol levels and increases stressing-reducing oxytocin levels. Giving our pooches a pat lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin and dopamine levels and, in the long run, even combats heart disease. In other words, taking two to five minutes to pet your dog, chemically puts your body in a calm, relaxed, stress-less state.

As fun as the holidays are, it’s easy to get caught up in their spin. Maintaining your regular dog care is one of the most effective ways to ensure you enjoy them in good mental and physical health.

How does your dog help you fend off the holiday blues? We want to know! Leave your suggestions and comments below. If you have any questions about or need help ushering your dog through the holidays, call us at 425-405-5748. We’re happy to help.

Created by Rebecca Hoch

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