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Easton & Spanky

Easton & Spanky

Owner: Emily
City: Edmonds
Breed: Black Labs
I Like: Playing with each other, they are brothers!
Favorite Toy: Tennis ball and Frisbee
Pet-peeves: Bath time
Favorite Walk: Downtown Edmonds
Best Trick: Hand shakes and high fives!
My Arrival Story:

We bought them from a breeder who was selling. Bought Spanky first, and turned right back around to get Easton. Wanted to keep two brothers togeher!

Why we love Got Sit Dog Training:

We have been in training for a week and a tremendous change for the better has already been apparent! They are both so much more calm, manageable, and therefore are able to focus on what is being said to them. I can't wait to see more of a change with more practice and time!