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Antjie & Loki

Antjie & Loki

Owner: Eileen
City: Marysville
Breed: Boerboel and Doberman
I Like: Antjie-sleep on my bed. Loki-run, run, run & play
Favorite Toy: Antjie-new chew bones/Loki-squeaky toys, chew bone
Pet-peeves: Antjie-other dogs/Loki-when he can't get a toy
Favorite Walk: Behind my house in the field, run, run run!
Best Trick: Antjie-treat on her nose, then catch it. Loki is learning leave it, and can stay in a down position and leave a treat on top of his paw. If they go to their bed/place when the doorbell rings and keep their barking to a minimum, that's a good trick!
My Arrival Story:

Antjie-(Graceful in Afrikaans)my Boerboel came to me in a wooden crate from South Africa at 12 wks old and 20 lbs. She is now 6 years old and weighs about 125 lbs. She is a mommy's dog without a doubt, follows me everywhere and just wants to be with me. She has been to lots of training and is a good dog. She recently tore her ACL and had surgery, but is recovering well and will be playing with Loki and running around again soon. I got Loki (Norse God of Mischief) just about a year ago. I saw an ad at work for a couple of puppies- purebred and FREE! How could I resist. I went to check it out and that's all it took. He was the biggest of the litter and stole my heart. I try to call him Low Key which he is not. He is a knucklehead and full of energy. He is eager to learn and loves everyone, although he's shy at first. He also follows me everywhere and doesn't like being alone.

Why we love Got Sit Dog Training:

Got sit dog training is helping Antjie learn to let me be in charge, and to ignore other people and dogs.The greatest thing about Got sit dog training is the result! My dogs are responding, and I don't have to nag or yell like I did before. They are happy and so am I. I have large dogs and people tend to be afraid of them. If they are untrained, they are unpredictable and can be a liability. My dogs have always been fine around me, but I have always been extremely cautious about having them around other people or other dogs. As they are responding to the training, they are getting more freedom. I'm able to have people over and have them around other dogs/animals. When I have company, they lie down and stay quiet. I don't have to remove them to the back room, or garage anymore. They get to enjoy spending more time with me because they are better behaved. As for the cost, I have probably spent twice what it cost for other training, various gadgets, time and damage. I wish I had started with this training when they were younger. It would have saved me time, money and stress. Got sit dog training works!