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Scott Uglum and Dyce


Scott Uglum

Got Sit Trainer and

Scott joined Got Sit in 2008 as a client. He learned the Got Sit training system so well, we hired him as a part-time trainer in 2010. He’s been leading group lessons ever since.

As a group class leader, Scott is instrumental in helping dogs and owners transition from in-home lessons to group classes, from on-leash to off-leash, from separate entities to cohesive units. He’s adept at leading groups of varying sizes as well as problem-solving with clients one-on-one. Known for his calm, quiet demeanor, he’s a true asset to our team.

Scott and his dog, Dyce, can be found networking in their community at dog parks, people parks and local events. They also join the Got Sit team at public demonstrations and events.


Got Sit Gentle Giant and Scott’s Fluffy Dog Child

Dyce is a purebred German shepherd who joined Got Sit in 2008 as a student when he was eight weeks old. A quick learner, he was off-leash at four months old and part of the training team a year later. He helps Scott at group classes by demonstrating exercises and providing a calming presence.

Although Dyce has a full repertoire of tricks, he’s best known for his unusual attachment to his ball. Playing, wrestling, showing off his skills, he keeps it clenched in his teeth at all times. A feat in and of itself.