Our Dog Trainers

Jazmine Bates “Jaz”

Trainer/ Office Manager

Jazmine is a Washington Native. Growing up Jazmine was always a spirited child spending most of her time outdoors, roaming the pasture of her childhood home. Today Jazmine still enjoys life outdoors running, biking, hiking, snowboarding,boating, water sports and especially camping! Other hobbies include hot yoga, athletic activities, reading, traveling  and most importantly spending time with her family, friends and of course her dog RB! Jazmine’s “animal loving” background  started at Bridges Pets, where she worked for 4 years before joining the Got Sit team in 2012. Through her experience in the Pet Industry, Jazmine has seen the flukes in other training methods. When meeting Marvin and the gang in 2009, she was astounded by the results of Got Sit, substantially  how happy, calm and attentive each dog was that went through the  program. Her passion for dogs grew and she knew she wanted to be able to enhance the bond between dog and owner, making each and every interaction valuable. With this passion and perseverance Jazmine joined the Got Sit family and since then has succeed in training RB to be an obedient, happy, and reliable dog, creating yet another wonderful beneficial member of  the Got Sit family.