Our Dog Trainers

Hillary Ermish and Sunoco

Hillary Ermish and Sunoco

Hillary Ermish

Got Sit Trainer and Exuberant Enthusiast

Hillary joined Got Sit in 2012, first as a client and then as a trainer. She’s a wellspring of enthusiasm when it comes to dogs and dog training. She exudes positivity.

Hillary brings over 20 years of customer service experience to Got Sit’s clients. She’s adept at grasping client’s concerns, providing spot-on solutions and ensuring both dog and owner master the Got Sit training. Her exuberant personality and unwavering enthusiasm for her work is infectious making in-home sessions and group classes fun and upbeat.

When Hillary isn’t leading classes, she continues her ongoing animal behavior studies. She also joins our other trainers at home shows and other venues as a member of the Got Sit demonstration team. When time permits, she volunteers at local animal shelters.


Hillary’s Training Assistant and Got Sit Goofball

Sunoco is a Doberman Pinscher. He joined Got Sit in 2012 as a puppy. Having mastered the Got Sit training, he joined Hillary when she made the jump from client to trainer. With his calm demeanor and welcoming nature, Sunoco helps other dogs and their owners learn to think outside the leash.

In his free time, he frequents the racetrack (cars) with Hillary and her husband. Although he does not have a signature trick, he is known for his friendly disposition, propensity for silliness and his favorite toy – a go-cart tire – which he carries with him at all times.