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Corey Versteeg-Hohl and Dexter

Corey and Dex

Corey Versteeg-Hohl

Got Sit Dog Trainer and Operations Director

Corey’s been in and around Got Sit since his dad started the company in 2007. A Monroe, WA native, he’s a Western Washington University graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Wanting to meld his love for dogs with his business acumen, he returned to Got Sit in 2015 as a trainer and our Operations Director. In this position, he helps Marvin manage Got Sit’s day-to-day business operations, plan its marketing strategies and direct its growth.

Corey shares his father’s passion for helping owners and their dogs develop outside-the-leash relationships. Look for him and his dog, Dexter, at group classes and Got Sit demonstrations. They love performing too!


Got Sit Training Assistant and Corey’s Kemosabe

Dexter is a West Island Terrier mix. Like Corey, he joined the Got Sit team in 2015 and is a fabulous addition to our ranks. He’s known for his abundant energy and affectionate nature. Although small in stature, he carries a big heart.

Dexter is expanding his trick repertoire. He’s currently working on shake and spin. When not helping Corey with classes or practicing his moves, he can be found contentedly flopped in various locations around Corey’s house.