Our Dog Trainers

Chris Madden


I love dogs and have worked with them for many years. A lot of my exposure to dogs comes from working at animal rescues, where I dealt with all types of breeds and personalities- from timid to aggressive, to high energy dogs that need structure. I started working with dogs when I was 7 years old with 4H, a positive youth development organization. I also volunteered as a youth at Puyallup Animal Rescue in Puyallup, Washington. On my ninth birthday, I got a VHS entitled “How to Train Your Dog Like Lassie.” That, of course, went poorly.

My passion for dogs grew and when I moved to Ohio in 2008,  I began volunteering with Paws & Prayers Animal Rescue. I was very involved with helping many abused and aggressive dogs. Throughout my work with dogs, I have seen hundreds of trainers use every dog training method out there: food training, clicker training, choke chains, and pinch collars, to name a few. None of them achieved the results they wanted.  I have tried several training techniques myself, and it always seemed to take so much time and frustrating work. So, I started looking for a better way. Once I saw what the remote collar system used by Got Sit? could do for a dog, and had the opportunity to feel the collar for myself, I was sold. I have been training dogs with incredible success now for two and a half years now.  I keep my skills honed and continue to grow my talents. To that end, I have attended multiple specialized seminars that focus on advanced training techniques. Never stop learning!