Our Dog Trainers

Austin James Sands and Cleo


AJ Sands

Got Sit Dog Trainer and Powerhouse People-Person

AJ joined Got Sit in 2014 after spending nine years in the retail pet store industry. His love for animals and his outgoing personality make him a natural fit for the Got Sit team. He has exceptional customer service skills makie him an effective in-home trainer as well as an outstanding group class leader.

Naturally energetic, AJ brings a high level of enthusiasm and passion to his work. He’s an astute problem-solver who works with our clients to determine the best way to help their dogs learn and flourish. His innate leadership skills ensure his group classes are cohesive and challenging for all participants.

Like our other trainers, AJ and his dog, Cleo, perform at home shows and events throughout the Seattle area. They’re also an effective networking team as they both enjoy meeting people, dogs and sharing the Got Sit experience with others.


Got Sit Ingénue and AJ’s Quiet Queen

Cleo (short for Cleopatra) is Great Dane-mastiff mix. With Got Sit dogs for parents, she was literally born to Got Sit in 2013. Cool and composed at all times, she’s instrumental in putting dogs and their owners at ease. She accompanies AJ to group classes, demonstrations and networking functions where her regal presence and stellar manners always draw attention.

As with any Got Sit dog, Cleo knows an impressive array of tricks. What sets her apart is her ability to do them at great distances. She regularly works 50 to 100 feet from AJ. With her striking ebony coat, large size and quiet demeanor, she’s a show-stopper.