Our Dog Trainers

Anthony Hamik and the Cowboy


Anthony Hamik

Got Sit’s Lead Dog Trainer and Faithful Steward

Anthony joined Got Sit in 2008 as its first employee. He’s been Marvin’s right-hand man ever since. His passion for dog training and his extensive training experience make him effective in one-on-one situations as well as in group sessions. His calm, encouraging demeanor endears him to owners and dogs alike.

Although Anthony helps with various aspects of the company, he focuses his efforts on the training. He skillfully conducts home consultations, private lessons and group classes. His position also encompasses mentoring our newer trainers. His positive outlook and attention to detail ensures Got Sit standards and protocols are consistent throughout our team and by extension to our clients.

Like Marvin and Tango, Anthony and his dog, Cowboy enjoy performing in demonstrations. They also give presentations at local schools and children’s organizations to help educate kids about the proper way to interact with dogs.


Got Sit Wonderdog and Anthony’s Doppelganger

Cowboy is a pit bull-cattle dog mix. He’s been with Got Sit since 2008 and has a reputation for going big in the tricks department. A true product of the Got Sit dog-training program, Cowboy has transformed from an aggressive, problematic dog to a happy, well-mannered companion who excels at helping other dogs do the same. He’s Anthony’s pride and joy.

As his name suggests, Cowboy is an outdoorsy dog. He loves water and has a penchant for jumping into lakes from rocky outcroppings. His trademark tricks are handstands and back flips.