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Think Outside the Leash: A Change in Perspective

By Marvin Versteeg Edited By Rebecca Hoch “Think outside the leash!” Have you ever considered what this Got Sit tag line really means? On the surface, it’s about training dogs. How else do you get leash-free? However, there’s that word “outside.” It hints at something bigger. Something beyond simple behavior modification and crowd-pleasing tricks. It […]


Graduating to Group Class: 4 Tips for a Successful Transition

Graduating to Group Classes: 4 Tips for a Successful Transition By Marvin Versteeg Edited By Rebecca Hoch   Group classes are Got Sit’s cornerstone. They firmly cement dog-owner communication protocols and expectations. It’s where the Got Sit “magic” sparks and true dog training occurs. However, when you’re new to them, group classes can be overwhelming – […]

train your dog to sit with these tips

Train Your Dog to Sit with These Tips

The sit command is one of the most basic and beneficial tricks your dog could learn. It makes it easier for you to stay in control and your four-legged friend will soon realize that sitting is the best way to make friends. People are more likely to come over and say hello to a dog […]

keeping your dog calm during your move to Seattle

Keeping Your Dog Calm During Your Move to Seattle

Our pups aren’t really fans of change. They might not react as well as the rest of the family during the move. Below are a few ways you can provide a stress free moving experience for your pet! Leave plenty of room for your pups crate or harness. You want to make sure that they […]

professional dog training in your home

Professional Dog Training in Your Home

There are a lot of benefits to training your dog at home. This will be a time of vital interaction with your dog. In some cases, training your own pet can end up going terribly wrong and it could damage your relationship forever. This is why it is so important to think about your options […]

how to find the right vet for your dog

How to Find the Right Vet for Your Dog

Finding the right veterinarian for your pup is the most important decision you’ll make as their owner. How do you know what to look for? Below are a couple tips on how to find the right vet for your dog. Ask your fellow pet owners, friends and family about their vets. Research their reviews on […]