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My dog is licking his feet; boredom or health issue?

I have a question. Just when I feel like we were having some great breakthroughs in training, Layla ruptured her CCL and has to be kept immobile for 2 weeks and then xrays will determine if she needs surgery or not. She has taken to licking her feet out of boredom; any suggestions on how […]


Vaccines Without Mercury

Dr. Renee, Is there a DHLPP vaccine without mercury ? Hi Marvin, I did a bit of research and found that mercury isn’t used much in vaccines any more.  It can be hidden in vaccines as “merthiolate,” but those are usually the older-type vaccines.  The product “thimerosal”, while technically a mercury product, is actually ethyl mercury.  […]


How to choose a good dog food

Dear Dr. Renee, We just adopted a wonderful mix-breed dog, Mystery, from the shelter and are very confused about what to feed her. The shelter was feeding one kind of food, the pet store recommended a different food, and my friends say the one they feed their dog is the best. There are so many […]


Expired Medications

Dear Dr. Renee, I have a whole medication cabinet full of old/unused medications from my various pets.  Some were quite expensive, so I hate to throw them out just in case we ever need them again.  How do I know which ones are safe to keep and which ones really are best to throw away? […]


My Dog Just Wants To Lick

Hi Dr Renee, My question: I recently adopted a 1 year old female dog, (an Australian Cattle Dog) about 4 months ago.  She’s awesome (!!!) in most every way, except for one thing that is really worrisome and frustrating.  She licks! …not just herself but just about everything including things like the cat (he’s not […]


What To Do When Your Dog Is Choking

When the unexpected happens it’s time to think fast. If your dog began choking, would you know what to do? When a person chokes, someone must perform the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge any object blocking the airway. In the case of a choking dog, the process is surprisingly similar. When a dog is choking, you […]